Overweight and fed up with failure?
You're Not an Idiot, But Being Here is Proof
You Need an Easy Diet Plan

You'll Be Glad You Tried It

Most diet and weight loss programs don't work and only lead to failure. That's why there are so many of them. It's not so much because people need different modalities due to type differences, it's because they ultimately don't work. And because they don't work, there is always a new one to try, like it's really going to make a difference.

Getting upset at ourselves we think, 'Isn't there a diet for idiots' ?

Stands Alone In Effectiveness

How about all those expensive and dangerous pills that are sold to the desparate and unsuspecting masses? Notice there's always another one of those to try? Could it be because those don't work so well either?

When I say diet pills don't work, that means long term, and when the weight comes back you add a couple pounds to what you started with. What a vicious cycle that is.

Seems to me, we began with the low calorie diet, then moved on to the low fat diet and then it was low carb. Not to mention all the various liquids and pre-packaged diet foods sold as something special, which they are not. There's also the patch, LA Diet, Hollywood Diet, surgery, low sodium, high fiber, Scarsdale, Atkins, crash diet, South Beach, the Mediterranean, cabbage soup (are you serious?) grapefruit and on and on.

The lemonade diet is for detoxification, which is very important. It is not however, the proper thing to do for weight loss. For anyone contemplating that rigorous program they should consider dropping the excess pounds first, then it will be easier to detoxify.

   The Idiot Proof Diet works because of it's simplicity and the way it breaks old     eating habits. For a diet to be idiot proof it must not allow hunger.

   On the Idiot Proof Diet you will never be hungry.

   You can incorporate parts of this diet as regular, healthy habits, into your non-diet     routine to help you keep the weight off, forever.

The idiot proof diet is being fased out but you can still have the body of a Goddess (will work for men too). This is done simply by eating the right foods. Also like the Idiot diet, you'll never go hungry on this new program.

Being overweight, is there ever a time when you aren't conscious of it? How many times have you tried to lose the weight? I'm guessing the pounds didn't stay off or you wouldn't be here.

This problem doesn't have to bother you anymore, the idiot proof diet is an easy and proven way to take the pounds off and keep them off, forever. No pills, liquids or special foods are required, no products to buy. What needs to change is the way you eat. All you need is information, this is so simple and yet effective. It will blow you away!

The Idiot Proof Diet Handbook will have you waking up each morning weighing less than the day before. This diet is so easy to follow you will succeed. What will be important going forward, to keep the pounds off, is incorporating aspects of the diet into your life. A good weight loss plan of action becomes a lifestyle that brings lasting benefit.

There is a new accelerated Fat Burning Diet calculator in the plan now. So it is even more effective.

This isn't really a diet for idiots, just for people that know they should be doing better with their weight loss efforts. The sooner you start on the IdiotProofDiet the faster a new life will will be yours.